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Política de envío

Shipping Questions and FAQ

How long is the standard shipping time?

Estimated shipping to the North America and Europe is 7-14 days for delivery.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship worldwide. To any address that can accept carrier services. Prices and shipping times will vary. 

Will I be able to tract my shipping?

Yes. Tracking information will be emailed to you following your purchase.  If you do not receive tracking information please request it by contacting us.

May I order multiple sizes to check the fit?

Please do not order multiple sizes.

Accurate measurements are posted in the project descriptions. Please check the measurements prior to your purchase. We understand that everyone has unique body types and preferences, however, If the item you ordered does not fit, you will have to request an exchange by e-mailing us directly. 

What if an item is out of stock?

You may contact us about items no longer and stock. We will do our best to get the item(s) for you as soon as possible.

I changed my mind after making a purchase, how do I get a refund?

You may not request a refund for any reasons outside of those stated in the return policy. Namely; damages, lost items, incorrect item, late shipments and wrong item revived. 

Quality Control:

How does Couples Collections guarantee the quality of their products?

Dress and tie collection: Our inventory is quality checked before being shipped by our supplier and Distributor. Inside of your package will be a customer satisfaction postcard that you may send to us to express your satisfaction or concerns. 

Print on Demand Services: We use print on demand services for our casual apparel. Printful, our supplier, has an excellent reputation of customer satisfaction. Other items are chosen from reliable and reputable suppliers that we stay in communication with.

Express delivery- items shipped from within the United States will have express delivery availably via USPS. Express delivery times are estimated at around 2-3 days. 

International shipping: Modern Men's Ties offers worldwide shipping to regions that operate a regular postal system and to costumers with a mailing address. However, the shipping cost to some regions maybe considerably higher. Therefore, if you live outside of Europe (EEC), North America, China or Japan, please contact us prior to your purchase. Modern Men's Ties maybe contacted through our email at or through our social media accounts.